Glass G-Spot Wand


Title: Glass GS Apparatus

Both versatile and alluring, Yoni offers two contrasting shaped tips for increased G-spot and full vaginal penetration. Yoni is angled at one end for pinpoint G-spot stimulation, while the opposite side swells in the middle before tapering off at the end for a fully blissful experience. The two way shaft and heads are serenely smooth and sleek. This piece is perfectly curved to allow you to target your chosen areas with little or no friction. The sleek, non-porous material is safe for all bodies, and can be heated or cooled as desired. Yoni makes a wonderful display piece as well. Uniquely handcrafted, this glass creation resembles an exclusive piece of art. Borosilicate glass is non-allergenic, non-porous, easily sterilized, durable, and compatible with all lubes. 

Measurements:   6.5 inches in total length, 1.5 inches in width at widest point.

Material:   Borosilicate Glass 


Color:   Clear

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