Black 28 inch Riding Crop Narrow fob


Title: Black 28 inch Riding Crop Narrow fob

This is more of a traditional riding crop as opposed to our shorter 18" bat.  With its flexible core, this crop stores energy to deliver greater impact while resisting fracture.  When we say that this crops flexibility will resist fracture, we're speaking of the crops core, not the object or body being struck.  Do use caution when using this riding crop... after all, it's intended to be used on a 1500 pound (680 Kg) animal.

Our riding crops are not the same as seen in your average adult toy store, which is why they don't look like the same cute toys.  These are a much higher quality and will hold up to a great deal of use and abuse.  We don't like it when our toys break and we're sure you don't either.

As with all striking implements, care must be taken to avoid serious injury.  When used incorrectly, this implement can cause serious subdermal tissue and even internal injuries.  Remember, haematoma isn't just a fancy word for a bruise.


  • Overall Length - 28" (711mm)
  • Grip Length - 6 5/8 (168mm)
  • Fob Width - 5/8" at narrow end (16mm)
  • Material - Mixed
  • Color - Black
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