Perversions of Grace | Product Video Clip Project #1

Female Player #1 - (Name withheld)

Female Player #2 - (Name withheld)

Male Player #1 - (Still looking)

Music to be provided by LHB


Basic Info

We don't intend on using any of the model's actual names accept in the case of the model release form.  Names on this page have been withheld until we're told what names are safe to use.  Since most of the people we'll be working with are also on FetLife, I would suggest using FetLife names.

This is only the first series of clips.  I'm sorry to say that our models are going to find this somewhat repetitive as the same scene will be repeated accept with different products.

As far as location is concerned, all we'll tell you for now is that it will be shot in a hotel in Victoria.  The reason why we're not giving away the actual location is because we're not really "allowed" (imagine me doing air quotes here) to shoot in this location... but honestly... who's going to know?  We just happen to have a great deal of luggage.  And god knows I need lots of good lighting to do my makeup.

How are we going to shoot you might ask?  We're actually going to be experimenting with mobile equipment (iPhone and tablet pc).  We've seen some great stuff shot on these devices and thought we'd try it out.


Products that will be exhibited in video demo ads.  Click on the images if you want more info:


There may be other products as well.  We've been trying to catch up with to see their products in person.  We may wish to add those products to this shoot.


Of course this video is not ours and it's too long for what we're after but this is a good visual reference of what we're looking to achieve in our product videos.

There's still much more to add to this page but this is what I have for you so far.


Thanks for checking in on this project.  We'll continue to keep this updated as the project evolves.

Lady Helen Barbosa